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Represented by galleries in Dubai, Toronto, Vancouver and Boston, Austin artist Paul Richard Deegan III is best known for his color-rich paintings which work the figure and faces into dream-like abstract landscapes. Since selling 30 of the 40 paintings he exhibited during his first solo art show in 2015, Deegan is on the fast track to becoming a household name in the art world. With a spiritual heaviness reminiscent of Edvard Munch and an assured quickness of hand, his work embodies a confidence of stroke and a constant emotive sensibility. Deegan plans to use his canvas as his psychological outlet indefinitely. 


Deegan has recently exhibited his art at the historic Haley & Steele art gallery in Boston and has been described by the gallerist as "a fresh, talented new face to emerge from the vibrant Austin art scene...his work is deeply personal and symbolic, emotive, and has profound roots in his own spirituality - one of THE new artists to watch."

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